Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long time, no post.

Crazy stuff going on at home, only some of it girl-related. We spent three nights putting together an IKEA desk, I did two years worth of Trailblazer taxes, and I prepared for the Fall/Winter TMOTT consignment sale.

Just when everything's under control...

Thursday Madeleine complained of a stomach ache in the morning. I told her I'd make a doctor appt and took her to day care. They called me around 9 saying she was hysterical. When I got there she was smiling and eating a bagel. So I took her home. We went to the doctor at 2:45. Madeleine said she was fine, and the doctor couldn't find anything. So we picked up Lily and went to visit Mommy's work. While there, Madeleine said her stomach was hurting again.
She fell asleep in the car on the way home. We stopped off at Time Warner's grand opening so the girls could meet Wags (from the Wiggles). Madeleine just wanted to go home.

During dinner she was still complaining and promptly threw up all over the place. This continued until about midnight, and she passed out on the living room floor around 2 am. No fever at all through any of this.

So Friday I stayed home (as I had a half day off anyway). Lily complained of a sore throat in the morning, but we shipped her off as we were more concerned with Madeleine. While she napped in the afternoon, I took all my stuff over for the sale. When I got home, day care had called about Lily. I snagged another pediatrician appt and headed to pick her up.

She wouldn't let them do a strep test. But they said since she was hoarse, it wasn't strep. By the time I got her home, she was feeling awful and 101. She's been this way most of the weekend.

But, I am a horrible mom and schlepped them to the Wiggles show today. Madeleine was super-excited and danced the whole show. Lily was entertained and happy (fever kept under control), but wasn't her usual self. No dancing, only moderate clapping.

I had remembered to buy roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur, and both girls were happy to present them to Sam. Big kudos to him for making the effort to accomodate the little girls in the very middle of the row and coming back to us by the time we made it to the aisle. While I know the Wiggles can be very annoying to adults, seeing them live is something entirely different. They put so much energy and humor into every show. I can't imagine what it's like to do that two times a day, every day, but those guys are amazing.

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