Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Late post on the weekend

Saturday morning we went to Pullen Park since it was relatively cool and not that humid for a Saturday in July. We hadn't been in about a year, so I knew the girls wouldn't remember it.

We hit the playground first, then the train and kiddie boats. The girls still loved the baby/toddler area best. I think they like just climbing rather than swings/slides. We also rode the carousel. Eric took the girls around the side to watch while I held our place in line. Madeleine wanted to ride in the "sleigh," while Lily chose a goat. She changed her mind and moved to an ostrich shortly after the ride started.
I had some leftover crackers, so we went to feed the geese/ducks in the pond. The girls had A LOT of fun with this. It was fun to watch the ducks fight over the larger pieces. Then we went to the fish pond and fed them as well. They would jump right out of the water and scare the girls.

Feeding the ducks

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